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AGRATU Thermos Bottles for Hot and Cold Drink,19.6 oz Hot Thermos Coffee, Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, 316 Stainless Steel Hot Water Thermos, Suitable for Drinking Coffee Tea Milk. (Pink)


  • 【SUS316 STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL】-This thermos bottle is made of USU316 stainless steel, which is free of any harmful substances.Healthy life every day. It can keep food hot for 24 hours and cold for 24 hours. The screw cap is a standard screw cap.Pink is the expression of youth, full of warmth and romance.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN, LARGE CAPACITY】-The AGRATU Stainless Steel Water Bottle is perfect for on-the-go hydration.You can also bring your car. This stylish water bottle is lightweight and easy to carry, and the large capacity is perfect for sharing with a friend. You can take your favorite drinks with you wherever you go.
  • 【PORTABLE】-This thermos bottle is perfect for your everyday use. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also durable. It will keep you hydrated, no matter where you are.You need to drink plenty of water. Hats off to you for your dedication, but it’s time to get serious.
  • 【LEAK-PROOF AND ANT】-The AGRATU water bottle is made of durable and leak-proof stainless steel. It comes with a silicone seal and a one-button press on the inner plug of the water outlet.The water bottle is designed to be sleek and to blend in with the shape of your water bottle.
  • 【UNIQUE CRAFTSMANSHIP】-The cup’s lid is crafted with unique craftsmanship, and the egg-shaped handle is round and not tight. The cup body is insulated and not hot, and it’s made of food-grade PP material. The lengthened structure design of the cup body increases the sealing performance.AGRATU Thermos bottle is made of a durable, non-slip coating that is comfortable to use and prevents scratches.

AGRATU Thermos for Hot Food Kids Lunch Box with Spoon Food Containers Kids Leak Proof Insulated Lunch Box Container for Kids Insulated Lunch Container for Hot Food (430ml Pink)


  • ♥GOOD LEAKPROOF – Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, PP insulation shell,this thermal food jar is non-toxic , making it ideal for packed school or work lunches and for traveling. corrosion and heat resistant.The lid seals tightly to keep food in and air out,360-degree leak proof and has a scratch-resistant non-slip silicone base.Reminder: The insulation time of the lovely insulated food cans is 1-2 hours.
  •  ♥EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP – The wide mouth makes it easy to fill in, to eat from, and to clean. this jar is great for holding anything from your breakfast to a hearty lunch。The stainless steel soup cup is equipped with a spoon to make it easier to scoop up porridge。
  • ♥CONVENIENT AND PRACTICAL-Our vacuum insulated food flasks is best for taking food to go. Easily pack this compact, sweat proof and leak proof food thermos in kids lunch boxes or adult lunch bags without having to reheat or refrigerate meals. This thermos food jar is great for packing meals for babies, toddlers, kids and sides for adult meals. Use your jar at school, work or travel.
  • ♥SAFETY AND HEALTH- Eat healthy homemade meals with your insulated food flask rather than eating out. It allows you to easily pack a nutritious breakfast or lunch for you and your family.
  • ♥KIDS LOVE IT-Its holding time is about 1-2 hours. Although it does not last long, it is cute and loved by children.The exterior remains cool and sweat-free,regardless of how hot or cold the contents are. Although we designed our food jar to appeal to kids, it is tough and durable enough to withstand the demands of grown-ups.

Advantages of buying agratu thermos products

We all know that some agratu thermos products are made with better quality than others. When you buy a product, it is important to understand the advantages of that agratu thermos product and why you should purchase it.

What makes you buy a agratu thermos product? Product advantages. A product is not just about its features, it is also about how it can make my life easier or happier.

You’ll save time and money when you buy quality items because they will last longer than those cheaply made knockoffs. Second, not only will your purchase last longer, but it will also perform better!

Just think about all the ways that will make your life easier when buying this item and see if any come into mind or not – then do some more research on whether these features outweigh potential problems with other items in different circumstances.

AGRATU 27oz Vacuum Insulated Food Jar,Insulated Thermos Hot Food with Handle Lid, 316 Stainless Steel Insulated Soup Container with Folding Spoon,BPA Free. (800ml Pink)


  • ✪【HIGH -QUALITY MATERIALS】:AGRATU Vacuum Insulated Food Jar is designed to keep food hot and fresh. The double-layer vacuum and long-lasting vacuum will ensure that the temperature does not drop.This Thermos hot food tank is made of 316 stainless steel and food-grade contact PP raw materials, making it easy to use and keeping your food fresh and delicious.
  • ✪【DOUBLE COVER DESIGN,LARGE CAPACITY】:AGRATU Vacuum Insulated Food Jar can be used to heat up food to the perfect temperature, and it has a capacity of 800ml.This Vacuum Insulated Food Jar has two covers that keep food hot for up to 12 hours.
  • ✪【STAINLESS STEEL FOLDING SPOON】:This Vacuum Bento Lunch Box is perfect for storing your favorite soup or other hot food. It comes with an attached spoon, so you can eat right out of the jar.This food jar has a double-duty outer cover that can be used as a bowl for dipping sauces or eating snacks. It’s perfect for people who want to enjoy a hot meal on the go.
  • ✪【WIDE MOUTH DESIGN, EASY TO CLEAN】:AGRATU Thermos hot food cans are perfect for keeping food hot or cold. They’re great for storing soups, stews, porridge, and oatmeal.The AGRATU Thermos’s wide mouth design makes it easy to clean and fill, and its thermal and thermal insulation properties keep hot food warm for a long time.
  • ✪【DOUBLE-LAYER ANTI-SCALDING, SEALED AND LEAK-PROOF】:This food jar comes with a water-resistant cover to protect it from splashing and leakage, as well as a handle for easy opening and closing.The Vacuum Insulated Food Jar is perfect for busy parents who have to leave their child to eat cold food. It will keep their food warm all day long.
  • ✪【NON-SLIP BOTTOM CUSHION ,PORTABLE】:This food jar is perfect for storing hot foods. It is portable and has a non-slip bottom cushion to prevent it from sliding or moving while pouring.The AGRATU Vacuum Insulated Food Jar is the perfect way to keep your food hot while you’re on the go. This pot is perfect for taking your next meal with you.

AGRATU 17oz Vacuum Insulated Food Jar with Folding Spoon,Insulated Thermos Hot Food,Termos Para Comida Caliente Keeps Food and Beverages Hot or Cold for Hours( Black)


  • ➷【POPULAR VACUUM-INSULATED FOOD JAR】;This vacuum-insulated food jar will keep your food fresh and hot for up to 12 hours. It has a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. It’s also very cute, making it a great gift for children.
  • ➷【VACUUM INSULATION】:This vacuum-insulated food jar is perfect for keeping food fresh and hot or cold for hours. The food container is made of durable 18/8 stainless steel and the lid is designed to have a tight seal.The food jar is the perfect option for taking your meals with you wherever you go.
  • ➷【THE DOUBLE-WALLED DESIGN】:The double-walled design helps to keep your food at a safe temperature and prevents it from getting cold or warm too quickly.The AGRATU Vacuum Insulated Food Jar is a great way to keep your food tasting fresh and delicious for hours. You can take it to the office, school, or on vacation. Enjoy your cuisine at any time.
  • ➷【LEAK-PROOF AND SWEAT-PROOF】:The AGRATU Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar is perfect for taking your food and drinks with you on the go. It is leak-proof and sweatproof, so you can be sure your food and drinks will stay cold or hot.
  • ➷【SEALED INNER LID WITH FOLDING SPOON】:The AGRATU vacuum-insulated food jar is the perfect way to take your favorite snacks with you on the go. It features a sealed inner lid with a folding spoon, so you can enjoy your snacks anytime, anywhere.

The best way to buy agratu thermos products

A lot of people have a hard time choosing which retailer to shop at because they all offer different prices and deals. In order to choose the best one, there are some things you need to consider.

It is always a challenge to find the best place to buy agratu thermos products. It can be difficult because there are so many retailers and each one has different prices and offers different types of agratu thermos products. You might think that is easy, just go with what you think is the cheapest or the most convenient but it’s not that simple.

The best agratu thermos products retailer to buy products is one that has the most competitive prices and a good return policy.

The reason why it’s important to find a retailer with competitive prices is that you want to get as much value for your money as possible.

If the retailer offers some sort of return policy on their products, then this ensures that if there are any issues with the product or it doesn’t work properly, you can always take it back and at least receive a partial refund on what was purchased.

AGRATU 17 oz insulated soup container,Thermos Kids Soup Lunch Box with Foldable Spoon, Insulated Food Jar ,Food Containers Kids Leak Proof Insulated Lunch Box for School Office Picnic Travel,Pink


  • ♥【INTIMATE CREATIVE FOOD BOX, FOLDING SPOON,INSULATED LUNCH BAG】- The AGRATU Insulated Food Jar is the perfect travel companion for anyone who loves to eat. This product is a food container with a spoon attached to the lid. It has an insulated lunch bag for easy transportation. making it the great all-in-one solution for your food needs.
  • ♥【ONE POT IS MULTI-PURPOSE, PORRIDGE NOODLE SOUP】- The best Insulated Food Jar is a perfect insulation for a pot, thermos. If you do not have a thermos, you will not be able to cook a pot of porridge, a pot of noodles, grains, soup, stew or stew, soup or stew.
  • ♥【SMOLDERING FOOD WITHOUT FIRE】-Eating a hot lunch is a daily struggle. That is, until now. Introducing AGRATU’s Insulated Food Jar. Keep your food warm for hours on end with this revolutionary product.
  • ♥【LONG-LASTING INSULATION AND COLD PRESERVATION】- Sitting on your desk, this Thermos will ensure your food is always warm. AGRATU Insulated Food Jar.
  • ♥【LARGE DIAMETER EASY TO CLEAN】-AGRATU Thermos for Hot Food is a large diameter and easy to clean thermos. With an airtight seal and double-wall vacuum insulation, it is perfect for storing hot food.

AGRATU 33oz Thermos Bottles for Hot and Cold Drink,Insulated Thermos Hot Food,Large Insulated Vacuum Thermo Flask Bottle with Cup Lid for Drinking Coffee Milk Tea (1000ml) (Navy blue)


  • ✈【HIGH -QUALITY MATERIALS, HEALTH AND SAFETY】: Our thermos bottles are made of liner 18/8 stainless steel and are health and safety compliant. They are designed specifically for keeping hot and cold drinks at the great temperature for extended periods of time.
  • ✈【STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR,1000ML LARGE CAPACITY, LONG -TERM INSULATION】: This thermos bottle is designed specifically for keeping your hot and cold drinks at the great temperature all day long. The large 1000ml capacity means you can enjoy plenty of your favourite drink, while the long-term insulation ensures that it stays at the great temperature for hours.This makes them designed specifically for keeping coffee or other hot drinks warm for extended periods of time.
  • ✈【MULTI -FUNCTION STAINLESS STEEL METAL COVER WITH STAINLESS STEEL TEA SEPARATION】: Our thermos bottles are made of high quality stainless steel, with a multi -function metal cover to keep drinks hot or cold. They are leak proof and durable.As long as the inner cover is tightened, the temperature can be locked and the leakage is anti -leakage. designed specifically for taking on the go.
  • ✈【BPA-FREE , THERMOS BOTTLES FOR HOT AND COLD DRINKS】:AGRATU thermos bottles are made of high-quality stainless steel and are BPA-free, making them ideal for hot and cold drinks. The double-wall insulation ensures that drinks stay hot or cold for hours, and the leak-proof design prevents spills.Thermos Bottles for hot and cold drinks is easy to clean, and the safety of dishwasher.
  • ✈【DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATION,VERY SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR HIKING】: Our thermos bottles are double wall vacuum insulated ,This thermos bottle is designed specifically for keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold on your outdoor hikes. The stainless steel construction is tough and durable, and the vacuum insulation ensures that your drinks will stay at the great temperature for hours.

The best after-sales service for agratu thermos products

After you buy a agratu thermos product, what’s the best way for it to have its problems resolved? Now that we’ve discussed in more detail and determined which type of service is right for them.

You want to make sure that the one you chose is perfect for what you need it for. The best way to make sure you’re satisfied with your agratu thermos product purchase is to contact the company for a return or exchange within 30 days of receipt. In order to cover all your bases, here are some things that might be worth considering.

1) Shipping fees: If one item from your shipment is damaged and needs an exchange, but not all items need exchanging, our shipping costs can add up quickly.
2) Labor cost: Many companies have a flat restocking fee on any returned merchandise, so it’s important to know how much this will be before making a decision on whether or not you want an exchange.
3) The product itself: It’s always advisable to research products before buying them online because sometimes what we see in the picture isn’t the real products.

In addition, we’ve provided a few different options in case you need help with something after the agratu thermos product purchase.

1) Customer Service
2) Return Policy
3) Warranty & Lifetime Guarantee

TOMLFF Penguin Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Travel Mug Tea Water Bottle Coffee Flask (Black)


  • Vacuum insulation technology locks in temperature to preserve flavor and freshness to keep beverages hot for 8 hours or cold for 12 hours
  • Durable 18/8 stainless steel interior and exterior withstand the demands of everyday use
  • Drink lid opens with push button ease and locks closed for carefree travel
  • Bottle stays cool to the touch with hot liquids and is condensation-free with cold
  • Light and compact design for effortless transport and storage and fits most automobile drink holders

Thermos Replacement Straws for 12 Ounce Funtainer Bottle, Clear, one size (F401RS6)


  • Set contains 2 complete replacement straws for THERMOS FUNTAINER Straw Bottles, 12-Ounce (model F401)
  • Includes 2 soft silicone straws and 2 hard straw stems
  • Not for use with hot beverages
  • Not intended for carbonated beverages
  • Note: These replacement straws are not compatible with 10-ounce stainless steel FOOGO straw bottles, 11-ounce FOOGO straw bottles, or any other Thermos brand straw bottle besides THERMOS FUNTAINER Straw Bottles, 12-ounce.DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers since they may dull the finish

Food Thermos – 20oz Vacuum Insulated Soup Container, Stainless Steel Lunch box for Kids Adult, Leak Proof Food Jar with Folding Spoon for Hot or Cold Food (White)


  • 【PREMIUM FOOD GRADE MATERIAL】Made of high quality food grade 316(Highest Food Grade Level),304 stainless steel. BPA free, no PVC, non-toxic. Premium quality material ensures the product safety and food health.
  • 【VACUUM INNER DESIGN】Lunch Container for hot food features upgraded double wall vacuum insulation technology and seamless welding technology, Keep food hot or cold up to 12 hours.
  • 【LEAK PROOF & EASY TO OPEN】Come with silicone sealing ring, the food jar has been full sealed to prevent spilling accidents. Keep your home-cooked meals warm, fresh.100% LEAK-PROOF. Air Pressure Release design makes it easy to open.
  • 【USER – FRIENDLY】Wide mouth design makes filling and cleaning a simple task. The inner lid come with a foldable spoon, no need to bring extra utensil. The outer lid with a unique concealable silicone handle ensures ease of carrying around.
  • 【PRACTICAL】Great for kids, adults, workplace, college students, hiking , road trips, picnics and Outdoor Activities . The Stainless Steel food jar is also a good choice of gift.

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